Putting mother nature in a better mood.

Country Hill Honey has been collecting the sweet delishishness since 2013.  Our bees collect pollen from a varity of plants in the North Texas area. 

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You are welcome to come see us and taste test some of our honey at some area Farmer's Markets.  We will update our website as dates become avaliable. 
We have honey and honey straws available for purchace.  To make an order, please email or call. Click on the contact tab for info.
Take a look around, and if you don't see a product you want, just ask!  We would love you provide a custom product for you.
Honey Straws
Our Honey Straws are the perfect way to get your daily dose of honey.  Order yours now!
We sell honey in various sizes and prices.  Previous customers may bring your jar back for a refill and recieve a discount on your honey.
Honey Accessories
Pick out the perfect complitment to your honey collection with one of our homemade honey products made with OUR own honey!